Connective Communication

Similar to Non-Violent and Compassionate Communication, Connective Communication offers a conversational framework and helpful guidance to get your goals met in conversation. Connective Communication can be used in almost any communication and applies widely to your life.

This communication framework is guaranteed to improve your communication immediately and for the rest of your life to come.

Learn how to have your most powerful and satisfying conversations ever!

Tune in to your innate spiritual wisdom with with Connective Communication.

We will introduce you to: setting the stage for a satisfying conversation, how to invite and consider others and how to conclude the conversation feeling, seen, heard and supported.

Join us and explore:

* Climate / Timing
* Establishing Clear Intentions
* Inviting Conversation
* Conversation Modes
* Conversation Pacing
* Navigating Blowout
* Body Wisdom as Conversation Feedback

Come play with our communication cards to facilitate your own conversational journey!

To assist your journey in Connective Communication, we are offering the "Communication Journey Kit" which is an educational communication facilitation tool. The Communication Journey Kit also includes the book "Navigating Tricky Conversations Skillfully." The book may also be purchased separately.

We also offer:
* Ongoing Workshops
* Online resources for learning and practicing Connective Communication
* Connective Communication Immersion Training
* Connective Communication Facilitator Training
* Conflict Resolution Services
* Private Coaching

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